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CGI Job Openings In Bangalore

CGI Job Openings In Bangalore

Looking for CGI job openings in Bangalore? Check out our latest opportunities! Join our dynamic team and advance your career in CGI technology. Interested and eligible candidates apply for CGI job openings in Bangalore.

CGI Job Openings In Bangalore

POST NAMENet Full Stack Developer

About Net Full Stack Developer

A Software Developer who is well versed in both Front – end and Back – end development of software is known as a Full stack developer. The term itself refers to the complete software stack, user interface ( front end ), and Servers ( back end ). Microsoft .NET Framework is very important for a full-stack developer as it is a software development framework that includes a large library of pre-written codes and tools for building web applications and services. In Back – end development a full stack needs to have a good understanding of the .NET framework, C# programming language, Visual Studio, SQL Server, and Azure. In Front – end development they should have experience in web technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and front-end frameworks React, Angular, and Vue. They maintain good contact with the clients to bring up the quality of the software depending upon the needs and requirements of the Clients.

About Net Full Stack Developer at CGI

Being an Multinational Corporation CGI offers variety of services  such as software development , IT outsourcing and Integration of  systems around the Globe.  It offers a variety of services and products such as Software development, IT outsourcing, and integration of systems. At CGI , The full stack developer have to work on both Front- end and Back end development of Software Applications. A Full stack developer role at CGI is crucial as they have to ensure that the software solutions meet the requirements/needs of CGI’s Clients. Some of the key technologies and tools a full-stack developer may have to work with include :

1 ) Front-end technologies : HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Angular, Vue.

2 ) Back-end technologies : Node .js, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails.

3 ) Databases and cloud platforms : MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, Azure, and DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes. Additionally, full-stack developers need to have good communication skills and be comfortable with collaborative work between them and other developers, designers, and managers

Responsibilities For CGI Job Openings In Bangalore

 Some of the responsibilities of a Full stack developer at CGI include the:

 Developing and maintaining web applications : Writing efficient Codes using programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, etc.

 Designing user interfaces: Creating and updating User-friendly and visually appealing interfaces that are responsive. Creating and managing

Databases : Designing and implementing efficient and scalable databases.

 Testing and debugging : Testing the codes for errors and debugging to ensure that the code meets the requirements.

Team work :  Involving in the Collaborative work with managers and other members of the team. Submitting projects on time and making sure the end results satisfies the Clients.Involving in code

Reviews : Providing feedback to other developers whenever you are required to review the written codes.

Eager to learn new trends and technologies : In order to get new ideas , Full stack developers have to increase their knowledge with new tools  technologies  in the web development area.

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Eligibility For CGI Job Openings In Bangalore

 Some general qualifications required for a full-stack developer at CGI include : Education: A degree in computer science, Information technology engineering, or a relative field is required. Experience: Several years of experience in both areas of software development which includes front-end and back-end development. Technical skills: Strong technical knowledge about the following, Front-end development technologies such as HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript, etc. Back-end development technologies such as Node.js or Django. Databases like SQL and MongoDB are needed. Soft skills: Stong Communication skills and the ability to work under pressure are an added advantage.

About CGI

CGI Group Inc is an international Business consulting and Information technology company. CGI refers to Consultants to Governments and industries. The company was founded in 1976 and now it is one of the largest IT and business services companies in the world. The headquarters of the company is located in Montreal, Canada. The services of the CGI company include IT and Business consulting, Integrated systems, managed services, and IT outsourcing in various fields such as health care, telecommunications, Transportation, Government utilities, and financial services. Awards and recognitions : CGI has been included in the DOW Jones Sustainability Index for its focus on Sustainability, corporate responsibility, and Commitment to reducing its Carbon footprint. CGI has been named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for application services and has also been recognized as one of the World’s most Admire Companies by Fortune Magazine. Nowadays CGI has been performing excellently in IT and Consulting services. The company has more than 78, 000 employees working in over 40 different countries serving its Clients around the Globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QA : What is the proposed salary for CGI Fresher jobs

ANS : Depending on their qualifications and experience their salary may comes between 6-7 LPA for CGI Fresher jobs

QA : Is CGI Fresher jobs in Chennai require any specific work experience?

ANS : Minimum 1 to 4 years of experience as a Software Test Engineer is preferred for CGI Fresher jobs

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