Cognizant hiring process and Interview Question 2022

Cognizant is an American multinational information technology services and consulting company. It is headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States. 

Recruitment Process:

The Cognizant Recruitment Process generally consists of three rounds of selection:
Online assessment test
Technical interview round
MR/HR interview round
Academic Criteria:
Candidates must have a 60% or higher in Diploma, Graduation, and MCA/ ME / MTech.
For SSC and HSC scores, there are no percentage criteria.
The interview process is open for all branches for both BE and BTech.
ME / MTech students must be only from Information Technology, Information Science, and Computer Science.
Candidates should not have any outstanding backlogs when they come for the process.
Only those candidates who have been shortlisted for the further rounds will be eligible for further rounds.

These interview questions were collected from the students who have recently attended cognizant interviews.

Cognizant Interview Experience #1:

My introduction
About Project
Some basic questions on C and Python
Asked to write a program
Technology-related questions
situation based questions
TR round took almost 1hour.
HR round: Document verification.

Cognizant Interview Experience #2:

about projects and questions on it like what is your role in it?
questions on DBMS like normalization and its different forms, types of keys
what is DBMS
He asked me to print”My name is Animal” in reverse like ” Karthik pavan is named my”
difference between c and python
questions on activities
about hobbies
questions on internships
one question on logical reasoning

Cognizant Interview Experience #3:

1st round was telephonic Tell me about yourself
Your highest qualification
Are you comfortable with night shifts
Then after 5-6 days, HR email me about my second and last round of interviews it was through video call that I have to download their cognizant live interview app
 tell me about yourself
family background
willingness to relocate
about my project experience
tell me one such incident in your life which inspired you the most
how good you are at SQL as I mentioned SQL in my resume.
Night shift salary expectation Basically And on the next day of my interview, I got an email for my documents.

Cognizant Interview Experience #4:

Why Choose IT sector
What is Mysql
Any certification has been done..?
Aptitude questions
Program a sum of 2 numbers
Any question….?

Cognizant Interview Experience #5:

Time distance interview questions
About my projects
Any program like factorial or Fibonacci.
Basic CPP questions like CPP built-in functions
Diff between static and auto After two days they called for document verification (HR round)

Cognizant Interview Experience #5:

 The interview level is not that much difficult.
Questions based on our projects.
Basic questions in c programming like
Diff b/w call by value and call by reference
What is static Recursion
Will ask to write one simple program? For me SWAPPING NUMBERS WITHOUT USING THIRD VARIABLE.
Any Question?

Cognizant Interview Experience #6:

 Time distance interview questions, 
About ‘my projects,
Any program like factorial or Fibonacci,
Basic CPP questions like CPP built-in functions
diff between static and auto After two days they called for document verification (HR round)

Cognizant Interview Experience #6:

One coding question-
find the number positive or negative 
Ready to relocate
What’s your current location
I was lucky don’t ask me more questions.
My Interview was of total 20 minutes But he was asked more questions in the hr round Like NumPy, data structure, resistor, sampling, why we use python, and other hr questions And thanks so much sir for ur help.

Cognizant Interview Experience #7:

I m from a civil branch so they didn’t ask me many questions
Tell me about yourself
Why civil to IT sector?
favorite subject in civil?
Explain oops concepts and give a real-world example?
Pointer variables 1 aptitude question 1 program.

Cognizant Interview Experience #8:

 Introduction yourself 
Explain final year project
Few questions of java like interface, inheritance, and oops (unique key, foreign key).
Create an object.
 Make an array of 5 elements and show it with the help of for loop. 
One aptitude question.

Cognizant Interview Experience #9:

Introduce yourself
Final year project
Why shift to IT
The strong language I chose c++)
Diff between c & C++
Define class and object 
Define polymorphism 
Write a code to find out odd and even no.

Cognizant Interview Experience #10:

The interviewer asked me a Self-intro
About my project
As I am from Mechanical why IT sector
Software skills u know
What are joins in SQL 2 questions on oops
Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

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