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Zoho Job Openings In Chennai

Zoho Job Openings In Chennai

Zoho is hiring in Chennai! Explore exciting job opportunities with a leading software company. Apply Zoho Job Openings In Chennai !!

Zoho Job Openings In Chennai

POST NAMEWeb developers

About Web developers

The Job of Web developers is to create and maintain websites and applications using programming languages such as javascript, HTML, CSS, and PHP. They are the ones who design and improve the features of a website. They do both front-end work like the designing and coding of the web interface and back-end work such as developing and maintaining the servers of the website.

Responsibilities of web developers :

Design layouts and interfaces of websites
Writing specific codes for different features of a website.
Fixing bugs by conducting tests to assess the performance of a website
Maintaining website servers and database.
Working together with designers and content creators to make the website user-friendly.

The demand for web developers is surging as everyone wants to make their business online and create their website for them. As the demand is high companies are adding more web developers to their teams.

About Web developers in Zoho

Zoho Corp. is an Indian software development company that offers the services of CRM, HR, Accounting, business software, and tools for productivity. Many web developers are working at Zoho to manage their web applications and services. The roles of web developers at Zoho are designing, developing, testing, and correcting bugs for this they use various programming languages such as JavaScript, and PHP and also frameworks like React and Angular. They collaborate with the management, UX/ UI designer, and quality department to ensure the applications meet client requirements. Zoho gives a valuable opportunity to web developers by providing them with training, workshops, and conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies that may use for their professional growth.

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Responsibilities For Zoho Job Openings In Chennai :

Zoho is mainly involved in cloud-based software services for businesses. Some of the responsibilities of a web developer at Zoho include :

Creating and maintaining applications :
The main job of a web developer is to create, develop and maintain web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages.

Working together with designers and stakeholders :
To meet the requirements of the board web developers have to work closely with the stakeholders and designers to understand their needs and implement their thoughts into functional web applications.

Ensuring cross-browser compatibility: Ensuring that the web applications developed are compatible with different browsers and devices and making them according to industry standards and best practices.

Applying responsive designs: Implementing websites that are quickly responsive and able to adapt different screen ratios.

Along with these web developers also have to do testing and debugging of the web applications to ensure an error-free website.

Eligibility For Zoho Job Openings In Chennai :

Zoho is one of the biggest software development companies in India and so they may have different needs for web developers depending on the specific post they are hiring for. Some common eligibilities for a web developer include :

Education: A bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering or a relevant field is required.

Experience: The candidate should have practical work experience in Web development and programming languages like HTML, and CSS and frameworks such as React, and Angular.

Technical skills : Candidates must have strong knowledge of web development topics and technologies involving designing responsive sites, cross-browser compatibility, and web security and should also be coding, testing, and debugging web applications.

Communication skills: This job requires more collaborative work with the other team members and stakeholders as the role of web developers is to deliver their needs. So good communication skills are a must for web developers to avoid communication problems with managers and designers and eradicate unnecessary misunderstandings.

Problem-solving skills: Web developers may find themselves in more complex and compelling situations over the course of their jobs. So one should have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills to identify and repair issues efficiently.

About Zoho

Zoho is a Cloud software suite company for businesses. Zoho corporation was founded in India and its products include Customer relations management, project management, accounts, HR, email hosting, and software.It was started in 1996 by Mr.Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas. Now it is one of the biggest software companies around the globe with more than 60 million users worldwide.” Your Life’s Work, Powered By Our Life’s Work ” is the tagline of Zoho. Also, Zoho is one of the safest in their field it has a full commitment to the privacy and data security of its customers. Zoho has a variety of products and their bundles include Zoho one, CRM plus, Finance plus, People plus, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QA : What is the proposed salary for Zoho Fresher jobs

ANS : Depending on their qualifications and experience their salary may comes between 7-10 LPA for Zoho Fresher jobs

QA : Is Zoho Fresher jobs in Chennai require any specific work experience?

ANS : Minimum 1 to 4 years of experience as a Senior Analyst is preferred for Zoho Fresher jobs

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