Infosys hiring process and interview Experience 2022

Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services. The company was founded in Pune and is headquartered in Bangalore

These interview questions were collected from the students who have recently attended Infosys interviews.
Infosys Recruitment Process

There are mainly three rounds in Infosys interview:

Aptitude/Verbal ability round/Written Round
Technical Interview Round
HR round

Infosys Interview Experience #1:

Challenges faced in the project?
What is your role in this project?
What is your long-term goal?
Who presented the final project presentation?
Did you make any new changes to this project?
Do you want to implement any new thoughts in this project and what did your teammates say! Did they agree to your proposal?
Time duration for this project?
Are you a team member or team leader?
How do you face challenges with your teammates?
Do you have active coordination with your teammates?

Infosys Interview Experience #2:

Self Introduction
Explain your project briefly and questions from the project.
Difference between C and C++
Comfortable language (programming)?
Oops, concepts
What is data abstraction?
Write a code for polymorphism
list and tuple differences
Difference between Multilevel and multiple inheritances
Why java doesn’t support multi-level inheritance
Questions on DBMS like what is DB and RDBMS
SQL joins
what is cloud computing
Then he asked for my college subjects and asked questions on them except programming languages
what is AND gate OR gate
what is a matrix what do you do with that
Ready to relocate
Comfortable with any technology
Do you have any questions for me

Infosys Interview Experience #3:

Self Introduction
Project question.
Oops concept scenarios
Data Abstraction
Difference between Encapsulation & Polymorphism

Infosys Interview Experience #4:

About your goal
What is your happiest moment and sad moment?
Oka person ni chusi after 5years nenu elane vundali ani anukunnara ? Who is that person? What do you like about them?
Mi parents mimmalni appudyna hurt chesara? Malli same situation midha hurt avvakunda miru em cheyalanukuntunnaru?
Why do you choose to engineer?

Infosys Interview Experience #5:

Tell about yourself
About resume
About project
what is a primary and unique key
about stack
three puzzle questions
basics of C programming

Infosys Interview Experience #6:

Tell me something about yourself.
tell me about your final year project.
Asked 70% questions from the project
What is method overloading,
What is inheritance
Explain about extract keyword
What is data abstraction

Infosys Interview Experience #7:

Show your id.
Show your college id.
Tell me about yourself.
Tell me about your project.
What is the link list?
What is the SDLC?
Stack and queue.
Oops, concepts.
Difference between compile time
polymorphism and run time
Explain inheritance and type.
Why Infosys.
Why should we hire you.
Are you ready for relocate?
Do you have a laptop?
How much RAM in your laptop.
Do you have any questions for me?

Infosys Interview Experience #8:

 About project and role in that
what are the difficulties faced
 Data types
Types of variables
Some HR questions like how to handle pressure situations, and how do you plan activities.
Phases in SDLC
oops concept
Ready to relocate
 Do you have a laptop
Any plans for go higher studies
Do you have any queries

Infosys Interview Experience #9:

Projects:- with explanation
Challenges faced while learning programming languages
What do you know about databases?
What is a stack?
What will you do if rivalry is created between you and your team member in the company?
If I allocate you with 2 team members and asked you to prepare a ppt on the topic suppose AI How will you make it within 30 min deadline?
If your project deadline is tomorrow and you find a bug that is just like impossible to be fixed within a day so will you hand over the project with a bug or tell the client the truth?
Questions for the interviewer

Infosys Interview Experience #10:

Self Introduction
Explain About Your Final year Project
Previous Company experience
What is the biggest failure in your life
OOPS Concept
Scenario Basis Question
Why Infosys
Any questions That’s all.

Infosys Interview Experience #11:

Introduce yourself
what is java and what features of java
since I have done testing So they asked What is manual testing and automation testing
Explain statements in SQL
If you score yourself then how many points do you give out of 10 ( i said 8)
How much duration you can take to learn a new skill ( i said 1.5 to 2 months)
Any questions to ask( i asked which programming language I should study so that I can get help in the training period)
And what are the day-to-day responsibilities in the training period…

Infosys Interview Experience #12:

Tell me about yourself?
What is your project and explain it briefly?
What’s your role in your project?
What did you learn in PYTHON?
about the oops concept?
explain polymorphism?
how to execute data overriding?
Is there any way to add styling to HTML using CSS apart from link?.
What is SQL?
Are you willing to relocate?
why do you want to join in IT sector?
Scenario and solution?

Infosys Interview Experience #13:

Introduce yourself?
About the mini-project? Applications of the project?
About major projects?
Challenges faced in your project?
Trending technologies?
IoT impact?
What difference between IoT and IOT?
Many questions on iot?
Diff b/n IOT n sensor-based array?
PWM? Raspberry Pi?

Infosys Interview Experience #14:

Show your I’d
Tell me about Yourself
About family details
which format your resume
what is a pointer
what HTML
What is SQL
Write one query in SQL
write the SQL query for Select any Two Attributes In the table
Have you any Siblings
You like music.Which type of music do you like (As per my hobbies)
Which type of drawing do you draw? (as per my hobbies)
Have you any questions

Infosys Interview Experience #15:

About Project
Oops concepts
Encapsulation with example
Method Overloading
Syntax of the class object
2 Psudeocode questions Duration:15min

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