LTI hiring process and interview Questions 2022

LTI hiring process and interview Questions 2022
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited (LTI) is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company based in Mumbai, India. In 2017, NASSCOM ranked LTI as the sixth-largest Indian IT services company in terms of export revenues.

LTI Recruitment Process:

The LTI Process generally consists of three rounds of selection:
Online assessment test
Technical interview round
HR interview round

These interview questions were collected from the students who have recently attended LTI interviews.

LTI Interview Experience #1:

Tell me about yourself
Can we write a program?
Why you don’t know how to write a program?
What is jvm
Why java is platform independent
What is the difference between class and object?
Prime no logic?
Do you know angstrom no
What is user defined method?
What is robust?
Why it is robust
Why we have to write it?
2 reasoning questions..
Any queries?

LTI Interview Experience #2:

Tell me about your self
What is python
Python benifits
Python is interepter langauge & explain
what is postgre sql
what do you know in postgreSQL
Data types explaintion
What is a lambda function? in python
what is temp() & char()
Packages in python
Any question for me. Interview around 10 min

LTI Interview Experience #3:

Self introduction
Which language are u comfortable
Who inventer C wich year
Who invented java which year
What is class in C
What is function overloading in C
What is typdef in C
Difference b/w structure& union
What is Memorylink
Constructor in java
Recent origin of facebook, whatsapp, Instagram
What is JVM and JRE with examples
Any queries?
LTI Interview Experience #4:

C v/s C++
Static memory allocation v/s dynamic
Why ECE to IT
What is succes in your words
 How memory allocated in class
 Virtual class v/s concrete class
 Which is faster static or dynamic
I am 2020 passed out so they asked
why one year gap, what are u doing in that one year
explain your project
Which language do you want to choose

LTI Interview Experience #5:

About your self
Binary search program
java oops concepts
All C++,Java basic questions
Arrays and pointer program
About project
Aadhar verification Taken 1hour for technical Interview

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