TCS hiring process and interview Questions 2022

TCS is one of the top IT firms in India and the world’s leading management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. TCS has experience in a variety of key business areas, including customer relationship management, supply chain management, business strategy, technology, and outsourcing.

These interview questions were collected from students who have recently attended TCS interviews.
TCS Recruitment Process

There are mainly three rounds in Accenture interview:

Aptitude/Verbal ability round/Written Round/Pseudo code
Technical Interview Round 
MR/HR round

TCS Interview Experience #1:

(Branch ECE) The interviewer called me and told me to join at 1:10 itself After I joined I was asked for id proof I showed the soft copy but they didn’t accept it they want a hard copy (they will take a picture or screenshot of you and your id ) She asked me how many interviews you had before, I told I had a cognizant interview before Next comes technical, Here are the questions he asked me.
Tell me about yourself (On programming languages)
What’s the difference between c and python
Why do we use namespace in python (On SQL)
What are constraints?
Difference between foreign key and primary key (On HTML and CSS)
Why do we use tags in HTML
What’s the use of class in HTML code
Next managerial round:
Why did you choose TCS?
How can you see yourself in the future?
What is your last semester percentage?
Do you have current backlogs?
Are willing to relocate?
HR round:
Govt id card
Education Details
Strengths and weaknesses
Are you ok with relocation & night shifts?
After 2 weeks offer letter was issued through the “TCS next” portal

TCS Interview Experience #2:

(Branch Mechanical)
Tell me about you
Why change from mechanical to software
Any paper works, mini-projects.
And then related to my hobbies.
At finally they ask me to tell the logic for ( subtraction of two numbers) And every next day Manager interview was scheduled. In this interview, he just made documents verification, asked about school background, and then Ready to relocate? And to submit original documents. This was the final interview After 2weeks offer letter was issued through “TCS next” portal

TCS Interview Experience #3:

In my technical interview, they asked me about.
Tell me about yourself.
What are you doing right now?
They asked me about my project.
Which language do you know?
What is inheritance?
Its types.
About my hobbies.
About my accomplishments.
In my HR round.
Tell me about yourself
My aadhar card.
My 10th 12th mark sheet
My UG mark sheet
 My PG mark sheet.
About bond policy in TCS.
Are you okay with night shifts.
Ready to relocate.

TCS Interview Experience #4:

Explain your project?
Do you face any difficulties in the project?
In this pandemic how do you manage your project?
Strengths and weaknesses?
Are you ok with relocation?
HR interview questions
Govt id card
Education details
Strengths and weaknesses
Are you k with relocation & Night shifts?

TCS Interview Experience #5:

They are asking only to show me your aadhar hard copy to the camera
Why are you joining TCS
You are from EEE why you are coming to Software
Which language do you know? I said java
What are method overloading and method overriding
What is LOOP and How many types
what is your goal?

TCS Interview Experience #6:

Tell me about yourself
Final year PROJECT
Any backlogs
Tell me about our company
After graduation any courses you did?
Why Mechanical to if field?
Why should I hire you?
Any co-curriculum activities other than studies?
Any questions?

TCS Interview Experience #7:

Self Introduction
which language do you know
from where you learn (As I am
Some Question from mechanical Branch
Structure vs union
Array string
Addition of two n
HR Round
Hobbies, strength, weakness
Role in the project
Ready to relocate

TCS Interview Experience #8:

Threading, Subroutine, Preprocessor.
Singly, doubly, circular linked list.
What is the class?
Difference between class and structure.
Why ECE to IT?

TCS Interview Experience #9:

First, introduce yourself
Describe your project
language u are comfortable with inheritance
how to convert a string into an integer polymorphism
Situation based questions in Mr

TCS Interview Experience #10:

Graduation project.
Show your identity
What’s your favorite subject.
Difference between static and local variable,
What is array
What is a pointer
What are the Linux commands?

TCS Interview Experience #11:

Self Introduction
Difference between C and C++
Exception handling
Difference between throw and throws
What is a database
What are computer networks
How can you connect 2 computers using networks
SDLC life cycle
Deployment phase in SDLC
 How Requirement analysis can be done
What is a firewall
What is software security
How software is secured
What are design patterns
Palindrome program and even or odd program
What is finally
Which role do you prefer either Tester or Developer
Latest technologies
Cloud computing and one cloud name
Do you have any questions
Hr Round
Percentages of 10th, intermediate, B.Tech
How were your TR and MR
Are you ready to relocate
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years
Any current backlogs or previous backlogs
Any work experience
About TCS Bond
Do you have any questions

TCS Interview Experience #12:

What is the OOPS concept?
Difference between local variables and global variables?
Types of Joints?
Advantages of Java?
What is constructor
Feature of OOPS
Primary key foreign key explain
Types of datatype in Java

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